We manufacture and assemble purpose-built switchboards for both commercial and industrial applications. We also offer advanced solutions for electrical distribution by incorporating additional products and our services and systems. Again we continue to meet the needs of electrical contractors, design consultants, specifiers and end users with our extensive product range.
LT Panel - Low Voltage Panels
Working closely with customers, consulting engineers and contractors, we design and manufacture low voltage switchgear solutions in a timely cost effective manner.

We offer a comprehensive range of low voltage electrical switchgear solutions. By sourcing materials from a range of suppliers we can provide our customers with the best solution for their unique requirements.

Main & Sub Main Boards
Sub Distribution Boards
Changeover Systems
Multi Metering Switchboards
Motor Control Systems
ATS / AMF Panel
ATS-V series automatic loading transfer panel is the standard configure of emergent power system. The panel detects the voltage and frequency of civil electricity timely. While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generator set automatically; then the generator set starts as soon as receving the signal; ATS-V panel controls the switch to run the power when the generateing of electricity is balanced; after the civil electricity resumes balanced, ATS-V panel will control the switch from generating electricity to civil electricity after prolonged confirmation, resumes the civil electricity; simultaneity, it controls the generator set to shut down after cooled. To-and-fro, makes the automatic double-circuit system comes to be true.
Power Factor Correction
Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. A system with a poor power factor uses more power than it actually needs, resulting in high energy bills. Power factor monitoring and the introduction of corrective equipment may result in significant savings.

When a system is 100% efficient, power factor is unity. If the power factor is less than unity extra power is needed to do the same work. Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment returns the power factor to as close to unity as possible thus reducing the burden on the supply.
ACROTECH develops and fabricates Bus Duct systems with air insulated, non–segregated construction. We have designed, fabricated and erected for various power plants. Copper bus bars are sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate within IEC temperature rise limits. Tin-plated. RYB & Black Color coding, Provision for the bus expansion in future to extend the system. Flexible connections are provided at the transformer end to absorb the vibrations. Enclosure up to 4000A rating is made out of finest quality raw material CR MS sheet steel.
Cable Trays & Ladders
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