We are providing our solutions for industrial, commercial, household, agriculture and street lights. Our R&D Division is devoted to the best quality of our solar modules. Our panels contains the latest technology and new researches are still in process as our R& D is working day and night to remain up to date with the world. We are pioneers in this field.

We are also providing the solar energy product to agriculture sector. Because we know that agriculture sector is the back bone of Pakistan therefore we have launched this product to facilitate our farmer brothers.

ACRO TECH is a turn-key solar solution, ideal for homeowners that want to add solar to an existing home. It's powerful, it's advanced, and it includes real-time performance monitoring so you can monitor your system from anywhere in the world.
Solar Hybrid System

A solar power system is connected to the grid via your switchboard and meter. A Hybrid system is also connected to the grid but includes a battery bank as well. In most cases a Hybrid systems will also include a back-up generator of sorts (this may include a wind or diesel generator). Either back-up option will ensure that you have continuous power for your home or business year round.

An inverter that allows you to build on your solar power installation over time. It can be installed as a straight grid connected inverter and a battery management module with batteries can be installed at a later time. This allows you to continue to use the solar panels youíve invested in. We believe the panels are the engine of your system. High quality panels will last you well in excess of 30 years.

Solar Small Towns & Villages
In this age of social media and technology, itís hard to imagine how we could exist without power. However, in some corners of the world, electricity is still not something that is readily available. At ACROTECH, we believe that it is possible to power the world through solar energy. We are bringing renewable energy solutions that help to make a difference in peopleís lives.

In the small village the last rays of sunlight used to mean the end of all daily activities. By bringing solar-generated electricity to remote communities. For the people of remote areas, our off-grid solar PV solutions have secured a better energy future and have opened a world of brilliant possibilities. Where this power will take them? We canít say. But together we are shaping a future that's brighter for everyone.
Solar Street Lights

We have also introduced solar streetlights. We have installed street light pools in an industry. Each solar streetlight is a substitute for the normal streetlights. The solar street lights are the best for energy saving and cost effective.


Low-cost installation. No trenching, no heavy cable, quick and easy installation anywhere.

Ultra-low maintenance and long product life. 25 years warranty on solar panels and LED/Induction lighting fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of maintenance free operation, Sealed deep cycle maintenance free battery.

Green Light Source. 40-70% less power consumption than other light sources. Our LED/Induction lights emit no light pollution, provides bright white light which improves color recognition and improves night visibility from 400%-1000% over other light sources.

Flexible configuration. Our solar lights can be easily configured to suite your requirements with solar module, wind module and battery banks.

Advanced control unit. Our Solar light controller provides easy configuration, automatic operations and advanced work modes.