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E.S.E. Lightning Protection
& Grounding Systems

ESE Early streamer emission Lightning Protection

E.S.E. (Early streamer emission) System
Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems

ACROTECH E.S.E. (Early Streamer Emission) Lightning Conductors protect actively, on a large scale and reliable. The Ion Generator inside allows the Lightning Conductor to intercept and catch a potentially dangerous Lightning Strike earlier than Simple Rod Conductors and ground it safely.

The principle of an early streamer emission lightning conductor is to artificially generate, with the aid of an ionization mechanism, an early upward leader occurring before the other natural upward leaders, in order to establish a privileged impact point of the lightning strike.

ESE  Lightning Protection Rod Lahore Pakistan

ACROTECH Early streamer emission ESE Lightning Conductor consists of 3 parts ; Air Terminals , Ion Generator and Roof Connection Pipe. Air Terminal is produced of stainless steel and it has qualified diameter to resist high values of lightning currents. Ion Generator is located in a special section which is inside of stainless body and covered special resin from outer effects. As the atmospheric electric field increases during lightning storm,generator becomes active and ionizes surrounding air.The starting of ionization before lightning discharges is an important factor to keep the lightning stroke under control.All the lightning conductors of ACROTECH have ion acceletor structures to support ion generators.To increase the yield even more ,supportive atmospheric electrodes are used during product design. By these electrodes it has been advantageous for ionization time.


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