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Power & Systems

Perkins Generator, Cummins Generator

Diesel Generators

Perkins Generator 
Cummins Generator
Volvo Generator
Duetz Generator
Deepsea Module

Dry type transformers

Dry Type Transformer

Unlike liquid fill transformers which are cooled with oil or fire resistant liquid dielectric, dry type units utilize only environmentally safe, CSA and UL recognized high temperature insulation systems.

Low Voltage Panels ATS Syncronization

Switchgear Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels
Power Factor Improvement Plant PFI
Synchronization Panel
Panels & DBs
Cable Trays

ESE Lighting Protection

ESE Lightning Protection System

(Early Streamer Emission) ESE Lightning Conductors protect actively, on a large scale and reliable. The Ion Generator inside allows the Lightning Conductor to intercept and catch a potentially dangerous Lightning Strike earlier than Simple Rod Conductors and ground it safely.

LED SMD Lights

LED - SMD Lighting

Optilucents lighting are optimised to the best possible factors. Working with Bridgelux, Cree, Samsung, Philips, and other major brands in LED Lighting.

LED Street Lights
LED Flood Lights
LED 2x2 Panel Lights
SMD Panels
LED Bulbs
LED Tube Lights

Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Intelligent addressable fire alarm panels and a wide range of detection devices and accessories from industry leading manufacturers.

Addressable Fire Alarm
Analogue (Zoning) Fire Alarm

IP CCTV Cameras, NVR

CCTV System

Synatiks range of DVR security systems (digital video recorders) and NVR security systems (network video recorders) connect with CCTV security systems, enabling you to record what the CCTV cameras see, and play it back at a later date

Public Address System, Speakers, Microphone, Amplifiers

Public Address System

Public Address and Voice Evacuation System with Professional Sound Quality.


Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

We have nurse call systems to meet the needs of hospitals, nursing homes and assisted-living facilities.

Also known as call bell or call light systems, nurse call systems are the communication link between patient & nurse attendants.

Data Centers & Networking

Networking & Data Centers

Networking & Data Centers

The next wave of data center integration is now starting. More and more services are being integrated into a single service offering. The question is no longer whether to use the integrated switch/processor components, but how much integration is acceptable. 


Data & Analytic Services

In an increasingly volatile world, the ability to use data to enable better decision-making has never been more important. ACROTECH develop insights – driven by proprietary data, technology and advisory services – that help clients reduce volatility and improve performance.

Data & Analytic Services

Software & Mobile Apps

Software & Mobile Apps Development

Software & Mobile Apps Development

ACROTECH is an experienced software development company providing software, Mobile Apps & website development services.


ACROTECH is a multinational company specialising in the provision of providing services in Europe, Middle East & Asia. We hold significant expertise and knowledge in a wide variety of sectors and are proud of our long standing valued client base. With several years experience in the industry, we understand the importance of gaining and retaining client loyalty, by developing partnerships founded on trust, confidentiality and integrity. 
We also recognise the value of making a commitment to our staff with ongoing training programmes and the assurance of a stable employment base. ​We do not seek work which cannot be maintained by good security practices, or good conditions of service. Neither do we seek work outside a given operational area.
We feel confident, that our continuing success within an ever-changing market is a result of our philosophy and determination to provide a responsive and professional tailor-made service at a reasonable cost. Our quality management system is designed to do just that and keep on doing it consistently. ​
Corona Virus Safe

Corona Virus

At this time the only way to fight against Corona Virus (Covid 19) is prevention. Please make sure to stay safe.


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