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Low Voltage Electrical Panels


Low Voltage Electrical Panels

ACROTECH offers a full range of Switchgear, Low Voltage Electrical Panels, Main Distribution Boards, Metering Panels, ATS Panels, Synchronizing Panels, Power Factor Improvement Panels, Distibution Boards.

ACROTECH Switchgear is dedicated to earning your trust and business going forward in the Low Voltage Metal Clad & Arc Resistant Switchgear industry. With the technical expertise, experience, and an extensive design history in our possession, ACROTECH Switchgear is looking to establish itself as your partner.

Many of our products have been uniquely designed to service specific industries such as steel, railways, wind, solar, generation, etc.. A strong advantage that we offer is that we have the engineering understanding and flexibility to design and build special switchgear that is not normally available.


Factory: Baghbanpura,                    Lahore, Pakistan


Email: info @ acro-tech.com 
WhatsApp: +92 (0) 33 11 45 45 95